How Often is Lenox Courtyard Platinum In Stock?

Royal Doulton Kingswood

The replacement industry is different than most industries. I'm not talking about being different than the rest of the china and tableware industry, I'm talking about different than ALL industries or at least the vast majority of them.


Take Lenox Courtyard Platinum, a classic understated Lenox pattern with a cream background and smooth scroll work. At the moment of this writing we have a substantial amount in stock. But what are the chances we'll sill have this amount in a month or two? Not very high. Popular patterns such as Courtyard Platinum or Royal Doulton Kingswood don't stick around for long. And then the problem starts. We can't order any more because it is no longer being made! So we have to wait around until one of our dedicated buyers comes across more or we receive an offer to sell china from a private person.

All this can be frustrating to the consumer who wants more of his beloved china and wants it now, but there is nothing that we can do. This problem doesn't exist for current (active) patterns such as Wedgwood Wild Strawberry, because the manufacturer can always make more to meet the demand.

This is why we always encourage our customers and friends to buy their pieces when it's in stock regardless if the holidays are coming up or not, because if you wait you may be too late! We recently had a buyer who came back a few days after her initial visit to purchase some Lenox Maywood, but it was all gone. we hate when that happens :(.

Timely buying is always good, but when it comes to discontinued china, it is always a good time to buy (we would say that, wouldn't we :)).

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