How To Sell China For The Most Money.

Why would a china replacements company talk about selling china dishes when we obviously want you to buy china from us?

The answer is simple. In order for us to sell you such popular patterns as Lenox Hancock, Lenox Moonspun or Lenox Charleston we need to have them. And since they're discontinued, the only way to get them is from people, private individuals from all over the USA, who are looking to sell their sets. Therefore we provide all types of advice and service to china sellers as well as to our customers.

Now a couple of pointers to help you get the most for your stuff. Our main piece of advice is to know exactly what you have before you start looking for offers. The biggest mistake sellers make is by giving incomplete information to potential buyers, be they private or corporate, and assuming they'll figure it out. News flash: they won't. Instead, if you provide incomplete or vague information, your buyer will assume the least and price the offer accordingly.

Lenox Moonspun

Lenox Moonspun

For example, say you have a Jammet Seignolles Limoges set. Beautiful and expensive Seignolles is. You hope to make a bundle on it. You tell buyers that you have 12 place settings without specifying what's in the place setting. You assume that the buyer will know that it includes the soup bowl, but the buyer is not sure so his offer will only include what he knows for sure will be included and if he gets the soup bowls for that price, he'll gladly take it. But he won't offer on what he doesn't know 100% for sure is included in the lot.

So here's what you should determine and present in the clearest possible terms to all potential buyers of your china or crystal.

  • Exactly which pieces you have.
  • What size they are.
  • How many you have of each.
  • What the condition is.
  • How often they were used.

The more information you provide, the higher offer you will receive. just make sure it's accurate: misrepresenting what you have will always come back to bite you later on.

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