The Challenges & Joys Of The Replacement China Industry. Part 2

Our jobs can be exciting sometimes but all too often they can be boring and uninspired. Somebody does have to keep the books, no? But when someone is lucky enough to work at a job where there is the ability to help people, then the right attitude can turn a “job” into a calling.

At Classic Replacements we have the privilege to help people every day. Be it the homemaker who needsĀ  more place setting of Lenox Tuxedo or Wedgwood Florentine china so that she has enough for the whole family at dinner, or the terrified teenager who's rushing to replace the broken Jammet Seignolles teapot before Mom notices it's broken, they all turn to us to for assistance. When we can provide beautiful pieces of china, in stunning quality and in a timely manner, it gives us great satisfaction knowing that we've brought a bit of good cheer and happiness to people's lives. There is a tremendous feeling of accomplishment when we replace a broken piece of a retired pattern of Varga Crystal Or William Yeoward Crystal when the owner thought there were no more to be had. Their surprise only sweetens the inevitable appreciation they feel toward us for helping them out and we feel toward them for giving ud this great opportunity.

William Yeoward Crystal

There is another aspect of out business which involves helping people and can be a real life saver to many in a hard situation. As many of our dear reader know by now, if you don't need it you can sell china and crystal to us. It's hard to exaggerate how many people have taken advantage of this service to help themselves out of a tough financial spot. We get calls and emails every day from people who need cash for medical reasons or because they've lost their jobs etc. etc. and are looking to sell china and tableware they no longer want. We strive to offer the most possible to all potential sellers since we need them to stock our store and we know how badly they need us. These are regular people, not big fat cats or multi-national corporations, regular people who have fallen on hard times, and the reality that we can and have been able to help many, many people over the years is truly a great source of joy and pride to all of us at Classic Replacements.

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