Is It Worthwhile To Replace Your Jammet Seignolles China?

The inevitable happens, you (or more likely one of your kids) breaks a piece or two of your good china set. You may have enough of the set at the time to ignore the loss and keep on using it. But after a while you see that you are now missing three dinner plates, four soup bowls, a platter and two cups.

Here's the question that comes up often: Is it worth replacing the by-now substantial amount of missing pieces or should you spring for an entirely new set.

There are two circumstances where starting fresh is less likely to be an option. Situation 1: The set you have currently is very expensive. let's say you have a service of Jammet Seignolles china, made in Limoges France, on which you spent upward of $250 a place setting. You're surely not about to scuttle this type of an investment and this level of quality so fast. So replacement is the way to go.

Another situation in which you will be quite reluctant to sell your china is when it has sentimental value to you. if this is the Blue Danube china and Varga crystal you inherited from Grandma, then you want to keep it, and maybe even pass it on someday. So once again, replacements to the rescue.

But sometimes you have a set which has fulfilled it's purpose and provided good use over its lifetime. To replace it now would be costly, almost as costly as buying a new one. At this juncture you may want to explore your options and take a look at the many new companies and patterns that were not around when you received your original set. China patterns such as Lenox Charleston and Lenox Hancock and crystal brands such as William Yeoward Crystal are relatively new to the tableware party and may be very much to your liking, so check them out.

Or stick to what's worked in the past and provided for many hours of delightful entertainment. Whatever floats your boat…..and doesn't sink you wallet :).

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Jammet Seignolles

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