Selling Your China Set To Buy A New One.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to changing china sets. There's the sentimental crowd. These fine homemakers don't see a china set or pattern when they look at their Lenox Charleston or William Yeoward Crystal, they see memories. Years of joyful family get togethers, when the children were still young and life was still “simple”, if it ever was. Holding on to the dishes which Grandma ate from and Dear old Uncle Joe enjoyed is a way to hold on to those people and those time themselves.

Then there is the more practical bunch. Styles change in china as much as they change in clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories. We go with the flow when it comes to handbags, why not with the plates we eat off?

William Yeoward Sapphire Goblet

William Yeoward Sapphire Goblet

Whatever you're persuasion, if you have made the decision to upgrade (if that's what it is :)) to a more modern, current set, then here's a tip how to lower the cost. Sell your china for the most possible cash and use that money toward your new set. Not everyone knows this, but china replacement companies such as Classic Replacements pay good money for many popular patterns. So the first step to getting started toward financing your new purchase is by selling the old one. Unless you can't bear to part with it, in which case you'll have two sets. Grandma would be proud.

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