Can Lenox Versailles China Be Used In The Microwave?

The short answer? It depends. Here's the longer version. Some patterns are made specifically for use in the microwave and their manufacturer will loudly trumpet that fact on every possible wrapping and label (see Wedgwood Quince china). Then there are the older patterns, from the pre-microwave days, which are unlikely to be safe for microwave use (hard to make things safe for something that doesn't exist yet ;)).

The question remains about patterns made in recent times. The first thing to do would be to check the paperwork that came with the china  to see if there are any manufacturer recommendations. Absent that, a peek at the backstamp is also warranted since there may be some helpful information there. After all of the above has failed to enlighten you, there is a general rule to follow.

To quote the Wedgwood china company guidelines (Retailer guide):

Most Wedgwood Tableware has a gold, silver or platinum edge decoration which would be damaged by microwaves. If there is no precious metal decoration, the tableware can be used in a microwave oven.

So there you have it. The danger from microwaves is to the precious metals that are used in the design or as trims. If your pattern has no metal content then it should be microwave safe. Otherwise keep it away. The damage caused is often permanent and can ruin your china.

Getting back to our title question: Lenox Versailles can NOT be used in the microwave due to it's precious gold trim.

Wedgwood Quince China

Wedgwood Quince China

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