Your China Or Crystal Broke. What to Do Next.

As they say about life, stuff happens. You set the table with your favorite Wedgwood Kutani Crane with it's lovely graceful crane motif, along with your prestigious Waterford Kildare crystal and hold your breath, hoping it will survive your daughter and her three lovely kids. And as Mr. Murphy (he of his Law)  can attest, little Johnny accidentally, truly accidentally, knocks over and shatters a wine glass. He's already crying and besides he's only four so you wipe his tears and reassure him, “don't worry, it's not your fault”, all the while trying to figure out how you will serve the next time you have guests with a missing piece of the place setting.

Not to worry. There is an entire industry, called the replacement dinnerware and china industry, devoted to solving your problems. Companies such as Classic Replacements stock up on all types of old and discontinued brands of china and crystal so that when you need it, it is available for immediate purchase at a very reasonable cost.

Waterford Kildare

Waterford Kildare

Now you may be the lucky hostess who inherited your grandmothers 1902 china and you are sure that there are no more to be found anywhere. Don't be hasty and give up so quick. Replacement companies stock patterns that are many, many years old and quite rare. But even if it is not in stock, we offer a pattern registration service, which is really remarkable. All you do is fill out what you are looking for and presto! You have now at your side an experienced team of professionals who will scour auctions, flea markets, estate sales and more to locate your elusive piece. You can sit back, relax and wait to be notified on that lucky day that your piece has been found and is available.

The discontinued, secondary china market has proven to be quite the lifesaver to many a hostess…….and little Johnny's.

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