Interview with Sharon Johnson – Member Of Our Premium China Seller Program

Today we'll take a moment to interview Sharon Johnson who recently joined our Premium Seller Program and sold us Blue Danube china as well as Lenox Versailles tableware.

Josh: Hi Sharon, thanks for diving us a few moments.

Sharon: Sure Josh, thanks for having me.

Josh: Tell us what brought you to Classic Replacements.

Sharon: I've had china ever since my husband and I married in 1973. We chose the Blue Danube pattern at the time because we loved the Blue Onion motif as well as the large choice of pieces and accessories. We later added on the Lenox Versailles china as a more “formal” set. Recently we've decided to move cross country to be closer to our daughter and grandchildren, and the thought of packing and shipping our hundreds of pieces of china was daunting. So we figured, why not sell it and then use the money to buy new china in our new location? Or maybe use the money for something else? So we set out to find a buyer.

Josh: What made you choose Classic Replacements?

Sharon: Very simple. We priced the different companies that buy this stuff and Classic Replacements offered us a very fair price plus the ability to bring it down and get paid right away, which is what happened. We brought it down, it was inspected while we waited, and in under half an hour we walked out with a check. Couldn't have been easier and Jack was as nice as could be.

Josh: So how would you rate your experience selling china to Classic Replacements.

Sharon: Simple, easy and profitable! 🙂

Josh: You also joined our Premium Seller Program. What made you do that?

Sharon: While I was there, Jack mentioned this program. Basically when I come across china or crystal patterns that you buy, I call to get a quote and if I can buy if for less, I turn around and sell it for a profit. Since I tend to frequent auctions and estate sales there was no reason not to join. There are no fees or commitments, all I need to do is call in what I'm looking at, get a quote and buy if it works out. Why not make some extra money?

Josh: Indeed. Have you sold anything yet as a Premium Seller?

Sharon: Not yet, but I have an estate Sale this Friday that promises to have a lot of china. I'm also in touch with a couple of local Craigslist sellers who may be willing to work with me, so hopefully things will start to roll soon.

Josh: Thank you Sharon and best of luck!

Sharon: Thanks Josh, take care and regards to all of you guys at Classic Replacements.

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