What Are The Best Discontinued China Bridal Patterns?

Subjective question indeed. Obviously it depends on what each bride is looking for but we will highlight a few patterns that appear to have caught the interest of brides who have contacted us.

Lenox Ming

Lenox Ming

Now it would appear silly for a bride, who is just beginning to accumulate her china, to choose a discontinued dishes set. Why get something that is hard to find to begin with? Which is a legitimate point. But if the bride truly likes a discontinued pattern then  she should go for it. Take into consideration the simple fact that most patterns active today will be discontinued within 10 years. Therefore it is most likely that by the time our bride needs to add to her set for her growing family, her pattern will be discontinued and she will have to turn to replacement china companies for help. So what's the harm with starting the process a bit earlier? Why not get the china you most desire, since it is available?

Back to our original discussion. Here are some patterns brides have taken an interest in divided by category.

Simple:  Lenox Maywood, Wedgwood Palatia, Royal Doulton Sarabande. These china patterns are mostly white with delicate, non-dominant trims. Easy to mix and match with or dress up or down.

Colorful: Villeroy and Boch Acapulco, Herend Rothschild Bird, Wedgwood Chinese Flowers. Color is very individualized, ranging from completely covered to bunches of delicate colors.

Environmental Motifs: Bing and Grondahl Seagull, Lenox Ming, Haviland Apple Blossom, Lynn Chase Jaguar Jungle. There nothing like bringing a bit of the outdoors into the home.

Richly Designed: Royal Doulton Carlyle, Wedgwood Florentine – Turquoise, Wedgwood Ulander – Turquoise. Patterns fit for royalty.

It's amazing how rich and varied the selection of fine china is. If you add discontinued patterns, well, then the selection is almost endless.

Wedgwood Florentine Turquoise

Wedgwood Florentine Turquoise

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