The Bridal Conundrum: Lenox Versailles China Or Modern Convenience.

The perennial forum favorite, brides asking their friends the question they all have: should they spring for fine china or settle for the cheap stuff. Lenox Versailles china and William Yeoward crystal or Crate and Barrel no-names.

William Yeoward ALexis

William Yeoward ALexis

The question may appear to be of little import, but upon deeper reflection, there is much more to it. The engagement period is a busy, exciting and stressful time and brides want to make sure they make the right choices since they are setting the course for the rest of their life. Making the right decision about your china can help crystallize that way you want to lead your life moving forward.

For most of our recent history the decision to own a set of fine china was a given since no bride considered her trousseau complete without it. But with the advent of fast food and even faster meals, that has changed and there is now doubt in the mind of the modern bride whether she should get china which can be expensive and might be sparingly used, or just stick to the cheap, everyday alternative.

As it turns out, this question is more than just a decision about a purchase, it is a determination on how a bride plans on living her life and setting up her family. Does she expect to be so busy with daily life and it's myriad chores that she will have no time to stop and smell the roses, no time to enjoy a quality meal with family or friends? Or maybe she is determined not to let the daily grind overshadow the true joy in life which is time with the people we care about.

Because that's what fine china is all about, taking the time to prepare a proper meal in a calm, relaxed setting and with the right ambiance. Creating an atmosphere that encourages children and guests to take their time, engage in conversation and enjoy one anothers company takes effort and planning. Since the setting is everything, a table that is set with stunning china, sparkling crystal and gleaming flatware is most conducive to quality family time and will reap rewards for years to come as your family and friends build strong and lasting relationships.

True, it may cost a bit more and yes, there is more “hassle” involved in preparing a fine meal on fine china tableware, but ask yourself this: is my family worth it? Are my children not worth investing in? Do I want true friends, people who I have time for and have time for me? If the answer is yes, then you know what you should do. Get the good china and use it. Besides, you're not the one buying, your friends and family are ;).

Should you ever decide to move on there are always places where you can sell fine china such as dinnerware replacements companies. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Make the choice that's right for you……..and your family.

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