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The politicians are at it again. The most recent hot button issue on Capitol Hill is Styrofoam cups. Yes, you read that right, Styrofoam cups. Looking to save wherever they can, Republicans have replaced more expensive, eco-friendly cafeteria cups with the standard Styrofoam cups used by most Americans. This has the Democrats screaming bloody murder, literally. They accuse the Republican majority of “jeopardizing staff, members and visitors' health” by using Styrofoam, a (supposedly) possible cancer risk. Why they would put themselves at risk to spite the Democrats I don't know, but whatever, it's Washington.

But believe it or not, common sense does exist (occasionally) in Washington. Rep Dan Lungren has proposed using “washable.. materials” to save money and the environment at the same time. What a novel concept! Reusing something so that there is less waste, even less then eco-friendly and biodegradable cups and saving money at the same time!. A win-win all around, not a typical result in today's zero-sum game called politics.

Which brings us to an interesting point of irony in modern-day America. Many of the people who promote environmental consciousness in our every day life are the same people who engage in one of the more environment-harmful habits by eating off disposable dinnerware. Sure, there are many excuses, bone china breaks more easily, it's harder to clean up even with the dishwasher, etc. etc. But besides for the joy and enhancement that comes from eating of fine china such as Lenox Charleston and Royal Crown Derby Tradidional Imari the fact remains that avoiding disposable dinnerware is probably the greatest practical contribution toward maintaining the health of our environment that the average American family can do. We need our electricity, our heat and our cars, which we tend to use sparingly all ready to keep costs down. Cutting that further isn't practical. Disposing with disposable dinnerware is.

Eating off reusable dinnerware is a small change to our daily living that can make a big difference in the world around us. That's besides the difference it can make to our meals, our families, and ourselves.

Royal Crown Derby Traditional Imari

Royal Crown Derby Traditional Imari

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