Does Wedgwood Ever Discontinue China?

There is a misconception out there that needs to be cleared up. Ever since companies in the tableware industry began swallowing each other up, there's a tendency to think that they operate the same way. Which is often not the case. Even though they belong to the same parent company, many have kept their particular brand's culture and structure. They still design differently, market differently and target different consumer sectors.

One of Waterford Crystal's claims to fame is that they never discontinue a pattern. Which is true, even after they've stopped actively producing and promoting a pattern, it can still be obtained (if you're willing to wait a year among other restrictions). But this does not extend to Wedgwood, Royal Doulton, Royal Albert or any of the companies that are now a part of the WWRD Group. Wedgwood and the others most definitely DO discontinue patterns and they do it all the time. And when they discontinue a pattern, it is truly discontinued and no longer available from them, the only place to get them from there on is from replacement china companies such as Classic Replacements.

Waterofd Powerscourt

Waterofd Powerscourt

People, especially brides, worry when buying china that their patterns may soon be discontinued. While it is true that any given pattern can be discontinued at any time with little advance notice, this should not be an area of concern to consumers. The replacement industry has come a long way and for most patterns it will be easy to get what you need and add to your pattern without much difficulty for many decades after it has been discontinued.

It would be a shame to deprive yourself of the beauty and sophistication of fine china just because it may be discontinued some day. Fine china patterns are here today and tomorrow as well.

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