Lenox Castle Garden Or Holiday-Themed China Pattern For Christmas?

Lenox Castle Garden

Lenox Castle Garden

At this time of year, many hostesses feel the need to bring out the holiday spirit. In times like these, symbolism is everything. The question is do you serve on your favorite stylish china pattern such as Lenox Castle Garden or Wedgwood Kutani Crane, or do you go out of our way to purchase a holiday themed pattern.

Obviously it’s your choice, so if you feel the need to go all holiday all the time, then go for it. However it may be possible to create the atmosphere of joy you are looking for with the fine china pattern you adore, even if it doesn’t evoke the holidays. After all, if this pattern didn’t bring elegance and happiness into your life then you would’ve sprung for a different one by now, no? So set your table with your fine china and watch it do it’s holiday magic!

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