Did Your Wedgwood Kutani Crane Impress This Thanksgiving?

Wedgwood Kutani Crane

Wedgwood Kutani Crane

Thanksgiving has come and gone. At the festive meal, surrounded by family and friends, you were at your hostess’ best. You brought your A game. The question is did your china do it’s job? Did it  communicate what you wanted it to? Did it tell your guests that you are a person of class and elegance? Did it also bring home the message that you value them, which is why you used the good china?

If you are fortunate enough to possess beautiful, top-of-the-line china patterns such as Wedgwood Kutani Crane or Lenox McKinley, it surely did. Your guests left with the good, warm feeling that you care about them and enjoy their company. This is the power of first class tableware, to send a message of respect to the people being served. They are being told subconsciously, “I care about you, I like you, and I want you to know it”. And they do.

There are still holiday meals to be served so make sure your next one carries your message to the people you love. Visit Classic Replacements.com to see our unique and varied selection of fine china and crystal patterns.

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