Wedgwood Chinese Flowers: Simply Beautiful

I consider myself to be a fine china fanatic. When I’m at department stores, one of my first stops is the housewares section, where the fine china is typically located. Even when I’m visiting friends or having dinner at a house I've never been to before, my eyes go straight to the china cabinet. I don’t know what it is that draws me to it. My sister is just as enamored with it as I am, and she has a theory behind it. Our grandmother had a rather extensive collection of fine china, and a formal dining room to house it all. We were absolutely forbidden to enter this dining room, except for holidays of course. But being the rebels we were, my sister and I would always sneak in and gawk. So she credits our fascination with china to our childhood experiences with our grandmothers massive collection.
So being that I’m a fine china fanatic, you’re probably wondering what my favorite pattern is. Well, I have to say, that out of all the gorgeous designs, motifs, and pattern varieties, my all-time favorite is Wedgwood Chinese flowers. It’s simple, clean, timeless, and elegant. Fifty years from now, someone will probably be setting the table with some Wedgwood Chinese flowers china. It’s just perfect!

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