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f a great set of Royal Doulton Carlyle pieces, it can seem like a horrific event to witness. Whatever or wherever it comes from, one thing’s for sure when it comes to the Greek tradition of smashing plates: It sure is fun.

Often seen at Greek weddings, newlyweds will throw good china on the floor as a symbol of good luck in their new lives. The gesture is interpreted as saying “we have such good luck, we can break our own plates and still come out on top.”

However, the plate smashing tradition is not exclusive to Greek weddings, and it’s symbolism also extends to remembrance of those we have lost.

One of the most eloquent explanations that I’ve heard, however, comes from, which says that the breaking of plates tradition “may be a symbolic way to counteract the uncontrolled loss of a loved one by creating a loss that can be controlled.”

But hey, it doesn’t matter to us if it’s an eloquent tradition that honors the memory of those we have lost. We’d still never do it with our Wedgwood Chinese flowers.

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