Frequently Asked Questions of Classic Replacements

In our latest blogpost we talked about questions people ask that seem a little silly. Today we’re going to review some frequently asked questions of Classic Replacements.

How do you get your inventory?

Whether its Royal Doulton Carlyle products of Wedgwood Chinese Flowers, finding something that has been out of production for a couple of decades (and sometimes centuries) is not a simple task at all. Our dedicated buyers scour auctions, estate sales, tag sales and other auctions for the best items at the best prices. We also have a long list of independent suppliers.

Do I have to buy a whole set, or will you allow me to just get the pieces I need?

While we do love offering beautiful china sets for sale, we’re happy to supply you with any number of incomplete sets, be it one or one hundred.

I can’t seem to establish what brand or pattern my china is. Will you help me?

Certainly. Typically the majority of the information is found on the back of the china, especially when it comes to the dinner plate. Of course, if you’ve already looked there, please feel free to e-mail us a picture of the china dish (both front and back, please) and our experts will get back to you on the brand and pattern of the product

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