Questions That Will Make You Feel Siily

As someone who educates children as part of my profession, I’m a firm believer in the old saying that there are no dumb questions. I feel I will always believe that being too afraid to ask a question, for fear of looking dumb, is a much worse fate than never asking the question and therefore never knowing the answer.

However, I do believe there are questions that, when you hear the answer, will make you smack yourself on the forehead and exclaim “Man that was a silly thing to ask.”

One of those style-questions is the one I overheard while I was looking at a Lenox Castle Garden porcelain sculpture this past weekend. The gentleman asked the store clerk, “How can it be fine china if it isn’t actually made in China?”

The store clerk was very gracious in his response, subduing what I believed to be a very loud laugh, and explained that fine china was actually created in England, and its name had no connection to the nation of the same moniker.

As I escorted my Lenox Castle Garden piece to the cash register, I could hear the man who’d asked the question start to laugh.

“What a stupid thing to ask,” he said with a chuckle. “Would you believe I asked the same thing about American cheese?”

Thee aren’t any dumb questions. But there are questions that will make you feel dumb.

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