Product of the Week

There are so many things to like on the Classic Replacements website, for anyone with even the slightest bit of admiration for beautiful china and tableware matching service. From their Clearance Sale pages to their Lenox McKinley and Lenox Charleston products to the entire category dedicated to product care, it’s truly the best spot for all the information you could need about discount china retail.

However, one of my favorite aspects of the website is the “Pattern of the Week” China selection. Located at the bottom of the home page, this box is dedicated to a different pattern of china each week, giving cuuy amoxil'>buy amoxilstomers a quick glance and relatively short description of a gorgeous Classic Replacements product.

This week’s pattern of the week is Bing & Grondahl Seagull. “Production of the Seagull pattern was begun by Bing & Grondahl in 1895 and continued for over a century until 1997 when it was discontinued. This pattern became so popular in its' native Denmark that it became known as the “National Service of Denmark” and was in use in one tenth of all Danish households.”

The section pays specific attention to the soft tints of blue in the background contrasting with the still-soaring wings of the seagull. It gives off a feeling of “peace and tranquility,” as the site describes it, and it is an absolutely wonderful addition to any collection.

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